Pray Purple


Pray Purple is designed to create engagement and understanding on the issues of gang and community violence. Through this project, prayers and stories will serve to initiate true brotherhood and sisterhood in our neighborhoods.

Voices of the village

DJ Williams: A prayer of Hope

Within 72 hours after the recording of DJ's prayer of hope, DJ turned himself in to the authorities to begin serving his sentence. Given the circumstances, DJ is probably the last person you would expect to be praying a prayer of hope and that is one of the many things that makes DJ so special. DJ is a father, friend, and follower of Jesus. Learn to pray hope into the reality of gang and community violence by praying with DJ.

James Every: A prayer of peace

DJ's mentor, James Every is a profound example of transformation and as he shares his prayer of peace he draws deeply from his faith journey; which has been a path from darkness to light. James says, "I can't take back, but I can give back" and through his prayer, song, and story he has given back tremendously. Be encouraged by James' words and his heart!

Maria Lopez: A prayer of joy

In this video, Maria Lopez draws from her experiences as she shares her prayer of joy. It is a great privilege to have Maria's voice in this project; through this video you will begin to realize that Maria has a great message of healing to offer the community.

Ricky Pickens: A prayer of love

Ricky Pickens is a professional violence interventionist in Pasadena, CA. Ricky also serves as an Assistant Pastor at Community Bible Church. In this video Ricky leads us into the issues of gang and community violence with his prayer of love.

Purple Partners

Imagine a circle of compassion with nobody standing outside that circle. [Father Greg Boyle]

Stories worth the listen

More from DJ Williams

We don't always have access to the stories that help us begin to understand the depths of one another, but in this interview you get will catch a glimpse of DJ. In this candid conversation you will discover some the issues surrounding DJ's gang activity and also the dreams he has for his future.

Extended Interview with James Every

James has transformed in profound ways. As you listen to his story realize the depth of his character and the value of his vulnerability. If you want to learn more about the issue of gang and community violence, reflect on James' life story.

Extended Interview with Maria Lopez

In this interview, Maria tells her story for the first time! You will be amazed by Maria's resilience and transformation! Maria is a leader in the community and we are so thankful to her for leading the way to vulnerability with such strength!

Extended Interview with Ricky Pickens

In this interview, Ricky Pickens shares his stories, reflections, and experience-based wisdom regarding gang and community violence. For over 20 years Ricky has worked to reduce gang and community violence and he has increased hope for many, too.

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